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[Refrigerator sound louder, under normal circumstances may have the following reasons!]
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There are many parts in the refrigerator, compressor, evaporator and so on can give out subtle vibration sound under certain circumstances. If it gets louder, there are usually several reasons.

1. Placing sundries on the top causes resonance of objects

Weight heavier items and small home appliance, for example, is simply a refrigerator and sundry itself has a fixed frequency, when the index of the vibration frequency at the same time, will produce noise, the solution is simple, is to remove impurities, so suggest that we do not put on the top of the fridge daily sundry.

2, the refrigerator is placed uneven

The ground of refrigerator place is uneven or put not smooth, it is the common reason that refrigerator produces noise. The method that solves is to twist the adjustment screw of bottom of refrigerator, adjust height, it is optimal condition namely when screw contacts the ground.

3, the internal parts of the problem

For example, compressor loosening, fan blade deformation, bearing friction noise is too large and other problems will lead to the refrigerator sound is too large, whether the water plate on the compressor falls off; Whether the refrigeration pipes in the compressor bin collide with each other; This is also easy to understand, is a long time to use the components loose or aging deformation, the solution is to replace the components. Of course, this is better left to the professionals. Bearing friction noise is too large to be replaced bearing or add lubrication to solve.

4. The sound of running water in the refrigerator

The normal sound generated when the refrigerant flows in the pipeline will be generated when the refrigerator is turned on or shut down; In addition, defrosting water can also produce this sound;

5, there is a crisp cracking sound in the box

Box or box accessories in the contraction or expansion will emit this sound; When water freezes, it makes a cracking sound.

6. The service life of refrigerator is more than 10 years

Basically it's time for the fridge to die. Buy a new one.

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