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Chiller, chiller selection, chiller difference, chiller manufacturer, chiller price, chiller purchase
[The difference between air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller!]
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How to choose air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller? Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are the two most common industrial chillers. Some people think that air-cooled chillers are good, and some people think that water-cooled chillers are good. So today, let’s talk about the main performance of chillers. The difference between a chiller and a water-cooled chiller, let Xiaobian take you to find out.

A look at the supporting equipment

Basic configuration of industrial chiller: It is equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drier filter and expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the machine and easy maintenance.

The supporting equipment of the air-cooled chiller is the chilled water pump separator and the water collector, while the water-cooled chiller needs a special machine room cooling tower water collector and water separator. , the same number of air-cooled chillers are cheaper than water-cooled chillers.

Second, in terms of the use environment

Since there is no need to install a cooling water tower, the air-cooled chiller is suitable for environments with poor impurities, so the air-cooled chiller is noisy.

The water-cooled chiller has low noise and is suitable for environments with better water quality due to the need to install a cooling water tower. If the water quality is poor, it is easy to block the water channel of the machine, resulting in greater economic losses.

Three in refrigeration technology

Since the heat exchange efficiency of water is much greater than that of air, the energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers is 300 to 500 kcal/h higher than that of air-cooled chillers.

Fourth, in terms of power consumption

The overall power consumption of water-cooled chillers (including the power consumption of cooling water pumps and cooling tower fans) is about 25% lower than that of air-cooled chillers.

Because the heat transfer temperature difference of the condenser of the water-cooled chiller is generally 4°C-8°C, and the heat transfer temperature difference of the air-cooled chiller is generally 8°C-15°C, under the same outdoor ambient temperature, the water temperature of the cooling circulating water is higher than The outdoor air temperature is low, so the condensing temperature of the normal operation of the air-cooled unit is much higher than that of the water-cooled unit, so that the air-cooled unit consumes more electricity than the water-cooled unit under the same cooling capacity.

Fifth, in terms of heat dissipation

The air-cooled chiller relies on the electric fan on the top to dissipate heat, and it has certain requirements on the environment: such as ventilation, humidity, the temperature cannot be higher than 40°C, the pH value of the air, etc., while the water-cooled chiller needs to use the water tower to disperse water for heat dissipation.

Sixth in refrigeration technology

There are four universal wheels at the bottom of the air-cooled chiller, which can be moved easily and reduce the floor space. The water-cooled chiller needs to be connected to a cooling tower before it can be used. Therefore, the water-cooled chiller occupies a large area and needs to provide a machine room, and Water-cooled chillers must be placed indoors.

Seven in cleaning and maintenance

The shell-and-tube condenser used in the water-cooled chiller has a small impact on the heat exchange efficiency within a certain range of dirt accumulation, so the performance of the unit will decrease slightly with the generation of dirt, the cleaning cycle will be longer, and the relative maintenance cost will be low. . However, the heat exchange efficiency of the finned condenser used in the air-cooled chiller is greatly affected by the accumulation of dust and dirt. The dust filter grid must be installed before the cooling finned tube, and it needs to be cleaned frequently.

Eight in the maintenance and repair

Due to the high operating pressure of air-cooled units, they are generally installed outdoors, and the operating environment is relatively harsh, and they are not as good as water-cooled chillers in terms of maintainability and reliability. If the machine has problems with alarm or convenient temperature control, it is necessary to send an engineer to the door to check, and quote and repair according to the on-site situation, so the maintenance cost of water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller also depends on the specific situation.

Both air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are more choices in the industrial refrigeration industry. If you choose a chiller in an actual factory, you still need to choose according to different use environments, temperature control ranges, required cooling capacity, heat dissipation, etc. All factors to consider whether to choose an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller.

The editor summarizes, regarding the air-cooled chiller and the water-cooled chiller, the two types of chillers have their own characteristics. The small-sized chiller can be considered as an air-cooled chiller, which is economical and easy to install, while the large-sized chiller can be considered. The water-cooled chiller has good heat dissipation, stable function and lower maintenance cost.

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